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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Action is the Killer of Fear

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Action is the Killer of Fear

Written by Steven Griggs |

Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”
Thomas Jefferson

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do”
C.G. Jung

“Action expresses priorities”
Mahatma Gandhi

All of us become stuck at some point.

We find ourselves stuck in revolving and repetitive reviews of uncomfortable choices. We occupy our minds revisiting our problems, reevaluating our options, reviewing possible outcomes, looking for the right thing to do.

We become almost paralyzed. Some call it analysis paralysis.

The paralysis comes from the fact that because we have spent so much time dwelling in the place of our problems or limitations that it becomes comfortable.


You don’t have to make a choice or take action it’s easier to just think about it.

It’s like we’re swimming in a hot tub of problems, it’s warm and cozy and that makes it harder and harder to step out into the cold. 

But by taking just one step forward you can break out of your inertia and change your position relative to where you just were. That one step reveals new opportunities and options that you can then move towards.

Action creates its own momentum, it pulls you forward to the next step.

It’s like walking. When we walk we are actually in a controlled fall, you step out with the left leg and start to fall to the right. Your right leg steps out to stop the fall and you fall to the left then your left leg steps out. Step, fall, step, fall. If you increase the rate of the falling then you are running.

It’s the same with action. Take a step, review and react to the new situation, take another step, review and react. Pretty soon you are moving at a much greater speed.

At speed, your options increase, your fear dissipates and you see more possibilities.

It doesn't matter if the action you take is not exactly the correct action, it just matters that you act, that you move yourself forward on the board.

Taking action changes your physiology, your mindset. You may still have doubts and fears but just the act of doing something affirms that you have control, that you can change things.  

You begin to melt away the doubt.

And if you are still unsure and can’t see the next step clearly sometimes just getting out and exercising will do the trick. Take a walk, it will change your state.

It really works.

Action is the fear killer.

Don’t spend too much time thinking. Take action.

Then keep moving.