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Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Few Definitions

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A Few Definitions

Written by Steven Griggs |

   “It does not require many words to speak the truth”
  Chief Joseph

  “Words, like glass, obscure when they do not aid vision”
  Joseph Joubert

Many of my articles contain words that I have created to help convey a concept or process, or to condense an idea into a single word. While other times I may use other writer’s words, such as Stuart Wilde’s, to help describe some concepts and situations. 

The other day my wife was reading one of my articles and she asked me if I thought my readers understood what these words meant. I responded that I was sure they did but after I thought about it for a minute I realized that maybe she was right and maybe not everyone “gets” these words.

So I decided that I should devote an article to clarifying and explaining some of these words and concepts.

Here we go:

  • Comfort Level or Comfort Band
  • Victitlement
  • Tick Tock
  • Fringe Dwellers
  • Fintiloc
  • Your Exterior vs Your Interior
  • Nummified
  • Long Learner
  • Your CTF, (your Claim To Fame)
  • Under Programing

Your Comfort Level or Comfort Band
This refers to a range of limitations that we place on ourselves by taking on limiting beliefs. We have certain beliefs about every aspect of our lives. We have an upper limit that we create as a limit of what we feel we can accomplish “comfortably” and we have a lower limit below which we will not allow ourselves to go.

It varies with each of us but we all have our range of comfort, our own comfort band.

If you look closely at your life you can see your own limits. The upper limit sets the range for your band.

It is usually related to our upbringing and social identification but not necessarily.

Victitlement is an attitude or mindset that someone takes on that has them believe they deserve certain things or that they are actually entitled to them.

This type of thinking contains an element of victim hood because when the entitlements stop
they have someone to blame, that is anyone but themselves.

The truth is no one is entitled to anything, not freedom, not security, not anything. And each entitlement you do accept always comes with a price. To be secure in an unsecure world you need to let go. 

Stop trying to control outcomes and learn to accept what is. Of course you can work to change your circumstances and create better outcomes but depending upon the government or anyone else to take care of you will not end well.  

Tick Tock
Tick tock is Stuart Wilde's term for the daily 9-5 grind. The “Go to work, Come home, Eat, Go to bed, Then do it again” routine. We become lost in the comfort of our routines.

Fringe Dwellers
Stuart’s term for those of us who have escaped the tick tock world and have chosen to march to the beat of our own drummer. This doesn't require disavowing society it simply means you are in it but not of it. You do your own thing, if you can do it by being self-employed, good. If you are locked into trading your time for money, you adapt and plan for how you will escape. You live your life by your rules. You are not caught up in the tribal mindset, the tribal emotion. You have stepped back from all that.

Fintiloc is an abbreviation for Financial Freedom, Time Freedom and Location Freedom. The idea is to create a lifestyle that allows you to live a free life. You create a business or income stream that you can manage from anywhere with a minimum of time. This funds your lifestyle and allows you to travel and live wherever you want

“We keep working towards retirement so we can live the life we wished for.... later. Meanwhile the years fly by and soon the children go off to college or start their own lives and you wonder where the time went. Now you want to make up for lost time but your energy seems to have gone, your interest has lessened…… you've waited too long to live your dreams…..” 

Your Exterior vs Your Interior
In my article your exterior vs your interior I describe your exterior as the current life you are living, your current circumstances. We tend to think our exterior life is the real life and our thoughts and dreams, our interior life, is just that, daydreams.

The truth is we create our exterior life by what we visualize in our interior life. The current life you’re leading is the one you have created or allowed.  You may disagree and argue that your current circumstances are not what you dreamed of, that you imagined a very different life.

But what is really happening is that your imagined life was sabotaged by your underlying beliefs, the beliefs that lie underneath your conscious mind. Your true interior life vision is exactly reflected in your current circumstances, what you really believed was possible for yourself.

Being nummified describes a person who is humming along through life, safe and secure in a predictable and rigid mind set. They are safe and secure in their place in the world, validated by all their social amenities and tribal status. They have a belief system that keeps them within a rigid construct that allows for very little variation. They are defined by their home, their car, and their ‘things”. They like things the same, they prefer itineraries and schedules. They usually travel in groups.

Long Learner 
This word describes me. I am a long learner. I sometimes need to get smacked upside the head a few times before I really “get” something. It’s not that I’m a slow learner, I just take longer to really understand certain things and then when I do “get it” I move on. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there.

Your CTF, (your Claim To Fame) 
Every person has a claim to fame. You usually hear a person’s claim to fame within the first 10 minutes of meeting them. They tend to slip in their CTF's during any conversation. Sometimes it's astonishing to watch and see a long list of CTF's spewed forth.  

This is because people have a need to let you know where they fit in within the tribal hierarchy and in the process usually try to elevate or “improve” their status by showing some connection to someone special or famous or some other connection to specialness. 

Many times it is a list of money statements, wherein they let you know how much they make or spend, where they live and what they drive and other things they own. At the same time that person will need understand who and what you are and how you “fit in” to the world, that is into “their” world. But sometimes they are too involved in their story to hear yours.

Under Programing
Our under programing is the belief system that we have taken on throughout our lives. These are beliefs that are primarily created during our childhood through events that became imprinted in our "child" mind. As we go through life we firm up these beliefs based on our experiences and other events that reinforce the beliefs. Over time these beliefs become embedded and act as a filter for the way in which we live our lives. There are ways to modify or eliminate these limiting beliefs. 

I hope this helps.

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