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Friday, May 10, 2013

Stuart Wilde

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Stuart Wilde, 1946-2013

Written by Steven Griggs |

For those of you who may not know who Stuart Wilde was, go to Wikipedia or Google him. He was a force to be reckoned with. He was a creator, speaker and writer who wrote over 20 books, countless audios, CD’s and DVD’s.

His books were bestsellers: Whispering Winds of Change, Miracles, The Force, The Quickening, Affirmations, The Secrets of Life, and The Trick To Money Is Having Some!, Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle. He toured with Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer.

Stuart said: “I am a bit of a spiritual anarchist. I am very sort of, in your face. I'm not for the institutions. I'm pro the individual. I don't care much for bull ****.”

I first met Stuart in May of 1999, 14 years ago this week. Stuart had come into my life at a crucial juncture several years before but of course that’s the way it usually works- it  takes some kind of crisis to wake you up.

I had just gone through a painful breakup and was struggling with the many surprises and revelations my wife had left me to deal with, in addition to caring for our children.

I was a bit lost, no actually I was very lost and I felt like I had been living a lie. Well, not so much a lie, maybe more like a big fib. But either way I was way out of balance and I was drinking and partying way too much. I was not in any way solid or in alignment with who I knew I was.

Then somehow I got turned on to Stuart. I started reading and listening. I had Stuart’s tapes and then his CD’s in my car at all times. My daughter used to know some of his passages by heart!  

But after a while I started getting it. I started becoming clearer. Bit by bit I started pulling myself out of the darkness.

I kept reading and listening and soon started following him on his website. 

With Stuart on Loch Dan in Ireland, May 1999.
(That's me directly behind Stuart)

By this time Stuart had stopped doing seminars and conferences and had pulled back from making too many appearances.

In spite of this I still wanted to find a way to connect with him, so I waited to see if he was going to speak anywhere or make any appearances. I monitored the website and waited, hoping my chance would come. 

But it didn’t come. At least not right away.

Then a year or so later, I saw a notice on the website. Ten people were being invited to meet with Stuart and spend two weeks with him. There was no date, no itinerary.

Just a sign up page.

It was first come, first served to the first 10 people who would commit to meet Stuart.

Of course I jumped at the chance. I signed up immediately and paid for my spot.

And then I waited.

I was told that I would be contacted and given a time and a place to meet Stuart. It could be anywhere in the world and I could not be late. If I was late he would not wait and I would miss my chance.

A while later I received the email: I was to meet Stuart in 5 days, at a certain time, at a certain hotel in London.

Needless to say I booked a flight to Europe and showed up at the hotel on time. There were two other people waiting.

A little bit later at the appointed time a van pulled up and there was Stuart!

I have such great memories of that trip. We went somewhere special and amazing every day, Stonehenge, crop circles, Celtic temples, ley lines. We cruised over to Ireland and camped in Yurts on Loch Dan (the Excalibur lake). It was amazing!

Not that it was necessary to go anywhere because just hanging out with Stuie was so much fun.

I really connected with him. He called me Stevie.

We would talk and he told me amazing things about myself and my personal journey. He talked to me about personal things that he couldn’t have known about.

But he did.

It was an amazing time and it changed me.

Someday I’ll write more about those experiences.

So I was shocked to hear of his passing and I have thought about him every day since then, not that I didn’t think about him most days….. . I was planning on catching up with him on one of his walking trips in London or Las Vegas.

But that didn’t happen.

Stuie was so much fun, so irreverent, and so knowledgeable about so many things. He radiated love and connection and lightness. He didn’t care one iota about what people thought about him. He was oblivious to all that.

He was also a people magnet. People loved him. They would travel out to wherever we were staying just to hang out with him for the day. On that trip I met Belinda Carlisle, her husband Morgan Mason, and John Hurt and I’m sure there were some others. 

He showed me the way and because of him, I am who I am today.

I am thankful and I loved Stuart.

Stuie, good on ya bro. We’ll meet again.