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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reboot Your Business!®| The Freedom Coach

Written by Steven Griggs |

Excerpted from my coming book: “REBOOT YOUR BUSINESS! How to Restructure Your Business to Survive and Thrive in Today’s New Economy”

3.   Not Understanding Your Competition:

You need to know exactly who your competitors are, what products they sell, and how their products compare to yours.  What are you doing to make your products stand out? How are you marketing your company and its products to create brand awareness and differentiate you from the pack?    

The Top Three Competitors form will assist you in evaluating these factors.                  

4.  Not Nurturing Your Customers:

Sometimes in our rush to build the business, in our constant quest for new customers, we tend to forget and neglect existing customers.  Don’t.

It is widely known that it takes up to seven or eight customer contacts to obtain one new client.  If you already have a client, why not spend your time and energy to keep them, and offer them new products and benefits?

Maintain constant contact with your clients and customers. Create a newsletter, invite them to special sales, give them special discounts for their loyalty.

TIP: Offer existing customers exclusive, first chances at new products.  This will make them feel valued and appreciated, and increase their loyalty.

Nurture the clients you have- they already know and appreciate you. Shower them with appreciation and benefits!

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