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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shiga Yellum! No problem!

| The Freedom Coach
Shiga Yellum! No Problem!

Written by Steven Griggs |

In my previous post I spoke about poverty leading to a better outlook on life. I know that seems to be a contradiction because we equate a happier and better life with more things. Bigger and better.  But if you are just trying to survive each day, you become very, very focused. Poverty will do that to you.

I became this way a bit when I visited my sister and lived in Ethiopia for a month.  After being in the country for a while you come to let go and have no expectations.

Nothing works in Ethiopia, everything there is chaotic and you have to take whatever is available or what is actually delivered.   

They have a saying there in Amharic: “Shiga Yellum”… which translates to: No Problem!

You go to a hotel and ask if they have an elevator. Yes! We have an elevator, but it’s not working. No problem!   Yes!  Do you have air conditioning? Yes! We have air conditioning, but it’s not working. No problem!  Do you have meat today? Yes! We have meat but not today. No Problem!  

That’s  just the way it is.

In having no expectations, you become more free, you begin to appreciate what you do have, and the frustration of not getting exactly what you want dissipates…. You accept what is, not what you want.

Ordering food in a restaurant is a great example. When you order, even if you are with someone speaking Amharic, you are never really sure you will get what you ordered.

It actually becomes fun. You can order one dish and they will bring you an entirely different dish…. It’s an adventure! They smile at you and shake their head and say we didn’t have that anymore…. You just accept it and eat the food. It‘s all delicious anyway.

So try it. Next time something doesn’t go exactly as planned, don’t get upset, don’t feel angry, look inside, see the feeling  and tell yourself: whatever!  Accept what is and let go.

It’s freeing, try to remember:  Shiga Yellum!    NO PROBLEM!!!