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Monday, July 25, 2011

Existing In Memories

| The Freedom Coach

Existing In Memories
Written by Steven Griggs |

I was thinking about my childhood and my family today. I was born in a small town in Northern California. Most of my family lived and died in that same small town.

I go to visit their graves twice a year. It’s a bit of a ritual…. I know they’re not there.…

But the thing that struck me is that for the most part, when I am in that town I am living in memories. I don’t believe I am really engaged in the reality of that town… all….every thought that goes through my head, when I’m there, is a memory.

So it got me to thinking-how much do we live in our memories in our daily lives…?

I think that for the most part, we are totally immersed in memories, not necessarily in childhood or special memories, but we are constantly remembering:  what was on your “to do” list, remembering meetings, remembering what someone said, remembering what you were supposed to do this afternoon, what someone meant by that certain comment, if you paid that certain bill, when you were supposed to meet so and so for lunch….

It’s all remembering, we are constantly in our memories.

One of the secrets to being centered is the ability to quiet the mind, trying, through mediation or sitting in silence, to find the gap between thoughts (memories?) ……to slip into nothingness…… .

If all we are doing is remembering, do we need to do it all day?

What can we do to reduce the amount of remembering we do? How can we stay OUT of remembering….? Can we actually spend time NOT remembering?

Do you watch your thoughts? Keep track tomorrow and watch for where your thoughts go….