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Friday, November 11, 2011

Can You Unplug?

No Limits| The Freedom Coach

Can You Unplug?

Written by Steven Griggs |

When was the last time you unplugged and went radio silent? I mean taking a few hours off and disappearing to have a picnic lunch in the park or take a long walk?

I know you’ve heard all this before but it’s really, really important to unplug.

I mean literally unplug, with no cellphone, no ipod, no blackberry, nothing electronic. Just you, in silence, just floating along, listening, smelling, watching the wind in the trees, the rippling waves on the lake, the birds in the air, the bugs on the ground….

(There is a lot going on out there, it’s busy!)

You may find it very difficult or almost impossible to pull away from your day and disconnect.

This is because our ego mind wants action, noise, distraction, chaos……. It always needs to be doing, taking action. It loves self importance. You may tell yourself: “But I’m busy! Sitting around on a park bench is flakey, even weird….I’ve got better things to do! Lets get back to work, I have calls  to make…..” .

But there is only so much we can take, especially today.

We are constantly under attack. We are barraged by negative headlines, shocking news stories, constant incoming phone calls and texts, calls to return, to do lists to complete, errands to run… whew! I got a headache just writing this ….. .

Yes technology is a huge part of our lives now, it’s great and I love it and I use it as much as I need to.  But I don’t need to be that connected.

The next time you answer the phone or a text, ask yourself who is controlling the situation? If you answer every call and text it’s not you… it’s the person calling or texting you. You are on a tether and whenever they need something they reach out and touch you. ( Let’s be honest, how many calls do you get that aren’t asking for something or meeting that person’s agenda?).  

I admit I am being a little extreme here. I know there are times when you need to be on alert and connected, but I am just trying to remind you that you can and should step away from the battle once in a while. It will be there when you get back.

Try to maintain a little parallel universe to the one you normally inhabit.

Find the time to slip into that space once in a while and disconnect. Free your mind and reconnect with that quiet place, your true home and feel the wind and sun on your face.

We’ve made quantum leaps in knowledge and technology over the last 120 years. But we must remember that we are still operating inside the body and mind of our ancient ancestors and that is the issue. We are not really designed for this way of living and there are limits to what we can take.

We have to remember that we are not machines, we are creators.

We created this technology, these tools. Technology didn’t create us.

Be connected but know when to unplug.